Candy Crush Saga FAQ’s

How Do I get More Candy Crush Lives?

There a a couple of ways to get more Candy Crush Lives when you run out.
You can wait.
You can ask.
You are sent.
You pay.

You can wait for new lives and you will regenerate one each half hour up to 5. If you go to bed a night with no Candy Crush lives left when you wake up in the morning you will have 5 again.

If you have connected to Candy Crush through your Facebook account( and I strongly advise you do- there are many advantages to linking your candy Crush Game to Facebook and getting free lives from Facebook Friends is one of them.
When you are out of lives you are given an option to ask friends or purchase. You can request a Candy Crush life from your friends. Be warned that friend who don’t play candy crush will be at best irritated. If you have friends that play by all means ask. They will want you to send lives , too.

It does not cost you any money or Lives to send your Facebook friends lives to give generously.

You can pay for Candy Crush lives. When you run out of Candy Crush lives you will be prompted and asked if you want to purchase more. It costs .99 USD to buy 5 Candy Crush lives.
There is no reason to do this to be honest. You should be able to get enough lives from your friends to continue playing.

There is also the trick of getting unlimited Candy Crush lives by moving the date/time on your device like iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet, etc a few hours or days ahead and magically new lives will appear. This will NOT work if you play on a laptop or computer. Don’t forget to change back!

Does is Cost Me Anything to Send My Friends candy Crush Lives?

It does not cost you a penny to send your Facebook Friends Candy Crush lives. I believe they do this so you will pester your Facebook Friends to play or play more often and the more people playing the more money for King

How Do I turn Off Hints in Candy Crush

You can’t. Certainly the feaute I would like most. It just doesn’t serve a higher purpose. The hint moves are usually terrible and not your best move and if anything are a distraction.

What Does Sugar Crush Mean?

When you finish your level with moves left or special candies left on board and score bonus points you get “Sugar Crush”

What Does the Pink Bow Mean in Candy Crush?

When you see a pink bow on your level it means one of your friends has given you 3 extra moves for that level. The moves are automatically added when you accept. Keep in mind extra moves only work on the level they were sent.

Pink bow If you have a level with a pink bow on it, then one of your Facebook friends have given you a gift of 3 extra moves. To use this on mobile, just play the level and the three extra moves are added automatically. If you are playing on the web on Facebook you can see the number of +3 moves you were given in the starting screen. You just click on the +3 moves in the starting screen to activate it.

What Does No 111858 Error Mean When I Connect To Facebook?

Check your phone or tablets developer options.
Go to Settings->Developer Options->Apps and uncheck “Don’t Keep Activities:s and deactivate the Option.

Why aren’t my “Extra Moves” working?

When you are stuck for 3 or more days on a level your Facebook Friends can sen you extra moves. The moves can ONLY be used on the level you were stuck on at the time they sent you extra move. If you have all ready passed the level you may as well delete or accept because it will not accept.